If there is one thing I've come to understand about life, it's that it is ever-changing.

I chose the moth, an ancient symbol of change and white, the color of clarity and new beginnings to represent me in my desire to utilize my unique vision and perspective to create imagery with the beauty of the natural world and the people in it.

My photography is my art. I'm passionate about what I do and am driven purely by the desire to create. 

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   Portrait by Liz Blom

   Portrait by Liz Blom

Currently located in Austin, Texas.  Frequent traveler to all major cities of Tx.  Available to travel anywhere the wind calls.

Editor of Texas Inked Magazine.  Actor/Model/Artist (because who says you have to follow one passion in life?).  Avid hiker and park enthusiast.  Loves nature, metal, movies, reading, yoga and cats (though not exclusively).

Self-proclaimed weirdo who finds beauty in darkness.  Lives an art-driven life.