From the first time I picked up a camera with the intentions of creating imagery as a pure derivative of passion, I knew it was a path I wanted to pursue professionally. Because I am self-motivated to create to the best of my ability, I feel that I am always serving clients the finest imagery I can possibly offer.

My goals during any shoot, other than to create beautiful imagery, is to provide a relaxed, natural experience. I often shoot with first-timers and always use my eye and ability to create pleasing compositions to be a verbal mirror for all my clients in helping to direct everyone into finding what works and feels natural for them to achieve great visual results. I like to give each shoot time and space for each client to find their comfort with me and let the process unfold organically.


When creating a brand name, I thought about what I wanted my brand to represent and why. My reasons for choosing the color white are twofold. White symbolically represents mental clarity and new beginnings, which is very indicative of the way I approach each shoot I do; with fresh eyes and ideas and with an open mind toward style and editing, always striving to allow myself to bring out the best from each individual session. The color white also portrays my desire to create. Because white isn't necessarily stimulating to the senses, it opens the way for the creation of anything the mind can conceive, much like a blank canvas.

The Moth is a well-known representative of growth and personal transformation, which I find a perfect symbol of my readiness to embrace the metamorphic journey of an artist through the vessel of intuition (another quality associated with moths). While moths are nocturnal creatures, their natural ability to find light in the darkness inspires me in much the same way I continually play with light and shadow to create intriguing imagery. 

The use of the crescent moon in my logo, while easily tied to both the color white and moths, has meaning all its own as well. The word crescent comes from the Latin term ceres meaning to "bring forth, create" and crescere, the Latin term for "grow, thrive." The moon as a symbol has also been associated with many female deities spanning many cultures and mythologies; for this reason, as a female creator, I find the crescent moon symbol intensely inspiring.




Kelli H.
Professional Photographer for 7 years
Shoots Digital & Instant Film

➤ Located in Austin, Texas
✈ Available for travel